The truth about the coin NFT White Dragon (WDG) is “storming” on the cryptocurrency market.

About White Dragon

  • White Dragon, denoted as WDG is the name of an upcoming virtual currency. WDG is expected to be launched in June 2021 and is based in the UK.
  • It is an NFT platform created with the mission of protecting works of art. When you possess any 1 card, it is yours and cannot be regenerated or destroyed.
  • WDG token is a non-fungible token in the White Dragon platform
  • White Dragon realizes that recent art works have not been brought to the community widely and then gradually fall into oblivion and do not receive the value that it really brings.
  • For this reason, the White Dragon community researches and develops a technology project that aims to protect and bring art works to the community as well as bring the work back to its value.

Facts about the White Dragon.

  • WDG is expected to be launched in June 2021
  • Highly rated and has potential in the future due to the duty to protect Komodo
  • Apply smart contract and BEP — 20
  • Is the currency that is paid on the NFT market
  • Audited and verified by coinbase
  • WDG proves no backdoor or DoS
  • 80% listed on Pancakeswap
  • 15% for Dev . team
  • 3% for airdrop
  • 2% for commerce and media
  • The potential of the White Dragon

The potential of the White Dragon

  • WDG is one of the coins that will be sought after and can bring a lot of profit to investors
  • The total supply is limited, so it stimulates investors, improving the value of WDG coin
  • Created to raise funds to protect art works, it will receive a lot of support from the community. This is a great condition for future development
  • High technology and many practical applications help White Dragon have great potential. In addition, the development team is also a part to help improve the coin value




White Dragon is an NFT marketplace platform. Follow:

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White Dragon

White Dragon

White Dragon is an NFT marketplace platform. Follow:

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